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Finalist, The Artist's Magazine 33rd Annual Art Competition, 2016
Curry's Da Vinci C. Award, Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour 89th International Open Water Exhibit, 2015
Winner, Splash 16: Exploring Texture- The Best of Contemporary Watercolour, 2014
3rd Place, American Art Awards, Fashion category, 2014
Selected for Federation of Canadian Artists Annual International Represenational Show (AIRS), 2014
Finalist, Artist's Favourite Subject Competition, Canadian Brushstroke Magazine, 2010

As I strolled through a flea market near Dublin, Ireland, numerous objects caught my eye but these textiles stole my heart. The patchwork quilt paired with two vintage pillows offered the opportunity to play with a mish mash of pattern, texture and colour within the painting surface. With a camera in hand, I photographed these objects ‘as is’ and later drew the projected image on paper. Masking one shape after another, I exaggerated the colour and texture, all while enjoying the abstractions within each section. This painting reflects my connection to a patchwork quilt my great grandmother made for my parents wedding. It reveals the tactility and comforts of one’s very own pillows, blankets or fabric heirlooms. Textiles can tell a story of what once was, and I still wonder about the stories behind these particular items from the flea market.

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