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Canadian Watercolour Artist painting fabric
Dream in Colour
Watercolour on Paper
49" x 39" framed

I've always loved colour- my house, studio, and everything around me has always been full of colour, including our wedding theme which was multicoloured. So the first thing my Mom said in her speech at our wedding was "Do you dream in colour?" and made the analogy that if you dream in colour, that mindset translates to living a vibrant, fulfilling quality of life.
My Dads friend, Rick, had lost his wife and my Dad within weeks of each other both due to lung cancer. While I visited Rick after their passing, he graciously let me into his upholstery studio and I was inspired by rows of leather swatches!
This image is made up of 36 individually painted watercolours and glued together by hand with rice glue. This piece is a reminder that life is precious, so make sure to dream in colour!