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watercolour watercolor horseshoe western painting
11" x 7.5"

In the last few months of my Dads life, he just wanted to spend time with family. During that time we painted this watercolour together.

While he was at Rockyview hospital overcoming the pneumonia that his cancer caused, I took an afternoon walk to Heritage Park where I gathered a bunch of reference photos. He chose to paint the horseshoes- a connection to his family farm and a symbol of luck.

Throughout his life everyone always said he was lucky, like he had horseshoes up his butt! There are countless examples! He had moments of luck with his treatment and he even lived a year longer than the Doctors expected. Ironically his name, Scott Owen Lintick, creates SOL for initials- Shit Outta Luck. Although he passed way to young, I was lucky to have such a great Dad as long as I did.

The original painting is not for sale, but prints are available.